It seems like that all that preparation for the  Christmas in July extravaganza exhausted me and required an extended blog-break to recuperate! And now not only has it looked like Christmas, it’s been Christmas and now it’s starting to look like Easter (was that hot cross buns I spied in the shopping basket today? Who put them there? Not me, your honour!)

Well, I certainly don’t have any Easter offerings for you today but I do have some of the Christmas cards that never made it into a post or out into the mail (so do all these left-overs mean I have made a start on next years’ cards?).  This first little fella was part of a swap that I coordinated that involved some fellow stampers from a Facebook forum I belong to.  After making 15 of them, I realised that this is not a chap that I would want to mass-produce unless I was taking some long-service leave from my day job to get it done.

I’ve called him my $300 Santa because of all the different punches I used to make him up.  He required 9 different punches and the Circle Scissors (that was for his 3″ round belly!).  He looks like he’s been on a bit of a binge on biscuits, milk, beer and all the other nibbles that all the good little children leave out for him!  I originally saw this Santa on Valita’s blog and I hope I have done her original creation justice.  What this woman does with punches is truly amazing, and I can only hope that I could be half as talented with a punch as she is!

Well, I best be off to find some more things to show you. I am sure they’re around here somewhere.  I’ll be back as soon as I can, I promise, and it won’t be 6 months before I come back.