On country roads there are all manner of animals wandering alongside some are more obvious than others, especially when they leap out onto the road in front of you.  Unfortunately that is what happened to me this week.  It’s the first time that I have hit an animal on the road and I was quite shaken.  I can’t say that the Wallaby came out of it too well. I have been told that, with the amount of kilometres that I cover,  it more than likely won’t be my last. 😦

On a brighter note, I spotted someone else on the side of the road who wasn’t planning on leaping out in front of me. Rather, he was attempting to hide.

Roadside Echidna02

He thinks I can’t see him and if he stays still long enough, I will think he’s a rock and go away.

Roadside Echidna03

I just sat still, so he decided I must be a rock and decided to head off home to safety, away from the road, much to my delight.  I couldn’t save the Wallaby, but I feel that I may have saved the Echidna.