While we prepare for some feathered friends, in the form of chickens, to join us someone thought that they would jump the queue.

Meet Gorgeous, our Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.  Isn’t he just as his name implies?


He was found on the roadside after a flock of Cockatoos flew across the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle.  Many didn’t survive, which seems to be quite common at the moment.  Not just for Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, it seems that Galahs are just as prone to fly en masse in front of cars too. There were quite a few youngsters among this lot that were rescued and we have been told that Gorgeous is about four months old.  He’s got a dodgy wing, which means he can’t keep up with his flock, so he’ll have to rest awhile with ours.   Gorgeous has been given carte blanche with the contents of the fruit bowl and the veggie crisper and it seems that carrot is the clear winner at the moment.  But I am sure that he will be like all children and tire of that soon enough and want a new flavour with his seed mix.  One of the dogs is enthralled with him and just has to watch his every move; the other is keeping an eye on the discarded fruit.  Who knew dogs liked bananas?

We will be working on accommodation this weekend for a planned addition to the household and hope to have some of these soon –



We haven’t decided on the types of chooks we want to get yet. Their primary mission will be as chief food scrap recyclers and the eggs will be an added bonus. With only two of us, we aren’t going to need a full box of eggs every day. Perhaps I better dust off my CWA Cookbook and find some egg-laden recipes.  Frittata anyone?