It’s been forever (well, nearly 2 years) since I last blogged and I was pretty sure I never would again. As I purported to have a crafty ‘show and tell’ kind of blog and it seems that I didn’t have much to ‘show’ and not much that I wanted to ‘tell’, so I just stopped posting.

My ‘crafty mojo’ had gone AWOL and what I was creating; I didn’t feel like showing anyone.  There are so many crafty blogs out there that if you were looking for inspiration, I wasn’t delivering. What else did I have to talk about? Not much, it seemed.

Life has changed quite a bit for me over the last year or so.  Some of it very sad, but the biggest change of all has put a great big, silly grin on my face.  A good ol’ fashioned, mid-life tree-change.  We have moved out of our cramped quarters in the big smoke and moved to acreage in the country where the view goes forever and the only smoke is that from the recent summer bushfires.

We are all the better for the move, the fresh air and space that is now all around us.  Our days are filled with productive busy-ness, interspersed with cups of coffee sitting on the veranda watching the weather cross over the nearby mountain ranges and discussing our plans to build the lives we have always talked and dreamed about.  The lives we thought we would only get if the benevolent Lotto gods smiled on us.  It finally is our real life and no longer do our sentences start with “One day, wouldn’t it be nice to . . “.

stormy sunset December 2013

I have started feeling creative again and have been sewing a little bit, learning the finer points of patchwork from a master of the cut-it-up-and-sew-it-back-together art, my mother.  I enjoy it immensely and have already got a drawer full of PhDs (projects-half-done) with another half-dozen projects in the pipeline. I have just about unpacked all the vital tools required to get cracking on my card-making and have set up a little space in the storage container that is doubling as my craft room until more permanent accommodation is built. I hope to find a space in the local community centre class schedule so that I can teach again.

Other plans currently on the drawing board are an orchard, a big chicken run, a small apiary (only 2 hives), a vegetable plot  and the biggun’, the building of our dream house that we have talked about for most of our married life.  It’s nice to take it out of the “dream plan” file and place it firmly in the “reality plan” file.

So this is what I hope to share with you; the things that I am doing, creating, learning and experiencing along the way.