1. Roll the brayer over a stamp pad in one direction.
Lift and place it back on your starting point on the pad.
Roll again in the same direction. Repeat until the roller is fully inked.
Do not roll back and forth on the pad – you will only be inking 1/4 of the surface.

2. After the brayer is inked, roll it on your paper or card.
Use scrap paper under your work, as you will be rolling off the edge.

3. Roll the brayer back and forth over your project, re-inking it if necessary
until you are satisfied with the effect.

  • All types of paper will receive ink from a brayer, but paper with a matte or glossy finish allows more even application with less lines showing. Different papers will give different effects.
  • A brayer can be used to ink large stamps. Ink the roller and roll directly onto the stamp.
  • Stamp a small image onto a clean brayer. Roll the image onto your card, for a reverse image.
  • You can determine the color of your card. Choose any colour(s) of ink and apply to white cardstock with the brayer. (Matte or glossy coated stock works best for this.)
  • To help prevent lines of overlapping ink, use a soft pad of newsprint under your work. Also, it helps to hold your inked brayer at a 45 degree angle and roll off a bit of ink from the very edge onto scrap paper before applying it to the card.
  • Brayers can be decorated with Stampin’ Up! water based markers by drawing lines to make plaids, squiggles, etc. directly onto the roller. Roll it out in one or more directions.
  • Apply ink onto dimensional textures such as bubble wrap with the brayer.
    Press this onto your project after inking it.
  • Make sure you store your brayer with the rubber side up, so that it doesn’t develop a flat side from sitting on a hard surface
  • The brayer can be used to create backgrounds for your stamping projects. It is like a paint roller, but made of soft rubber. It is very easy to clean.
  • Use your Stampin Scrub or you can just rinse it under running water and wipe dry with a paper towel. Stubborn pigment stains can be worked on by spraying the Stampin’ Mist directly onto the roller.

Check out Michelle Zindorf’s blog for super-duper fantastic brayer tutorials