We rarely do take time out, time out to just “be”.  If you are a carer you will probably find it harder to find some ‘me’ time and have to wait till you can get respite of some sort.  What if you were able to just ‘Take Five’ over a cuppa or escape while you are waiting at yet another medical appointment?

My cousin, who is a wonderful photographer (and is her husband’s full-time carer) has put this small book together – “Take Five”.  It’s a great little book, filled with beautifully photographed images that, by flicking through the pages, can just whisk you away for five minutes. Hence the title “Take Five”

Vanessa is currently selling these books as a way of raising funds for her Parkinsons Carer’s group and if you would like to purchase one, please send her an email at books4charity@y7mail.com.  She is more than happy for you to purchase them in bulk, at cost, if you would like to sell them to help raise funds for  your carer’s group.

Now back to your regular programming!