It started out as a few painted fluorescent spots on the ground to mark out where the chicken coop would go. And before we knew it, the frame was going up and we had the makings of Cluckingham Palace.


I’m not sure if that qualifies as bigger than Ben Hur, or just  slightly smaller. The dogs supervised the site all afternoon, from the shade of the trestle table, occasionally rising to inspect the workmanship.


We are expecting some spoils from a demolition any day now that will provide some shelter for the coop section and when the wire arrives at the local supplier, we will be able to start to enclose the run.  Then the fun begins – the choosing of the chickens!  We mainly want them for their food disposal, ground scratching, bug eating and fertiliser providing properties, rather than an egg-per-hen every 24 hours.

I’ve now started to concentrate on what sorts of hens we’ll have in our flock and was quite delighted to read about all the different colours of eggs that hens can lay. And not just your white, off-white, and brown varieties either. Now that know that there is a whole rainbow of eggs there waiting to be laid – blue, green, lilac, chocolate-brown, olive – my choice of chicken may now be based on what colours will fill my egg basket.  Or which hen is prettiest. All the important things!