One of the most often asked questions once we had moved to the country was “have you seen a snake yet?” or “have you got many snakes at your place?”  The movers claimed to have seen a Brown Snake sunning itself when they arrived, but I decided that they were trying to spook the new girl in town.


That one is a stick

We spent a lot of time in our first few weeks clearing branches, chopping wood, dismantling sheds, and general clearing up around the place.  All the time I was on guard.  “Is that a snake or a stick?” I didn’t leave the house without my work boots on and always put on gloves just in case a snake decided to turn up to defend its territory.

No snakes there either.

No snakes there either.

Last week I finally saw my first snake. Or was it a stick? That was my first thought anyway.  Up until that point, every snake I had seen has turned out to be a stick, or a tree root, or a bit of bark. I was starting to think that we must not have any snakes at our place. Having been at the property a couple of months now and having not seen any snakes at all, I was more relaxed with what I was wearing, especially close to the house. This sunny weekend day I was gloveless and also wearing thongs.  Not much protection happening there.

Then one day, while moving sprinklers around out the front of the house, there was a stick on the lawn. And then it moved. It went under the house, the stick went under the house. The house that we live in! EEEEKkkk! That’s no stick . . .that was a snake!

These aren't snakes either . .

These aren’t snakes either . .


When I told people that I’d seen a snake, the reaction was “WOW! What sort was it? A Brown?”.  Ummm, I don’t know.  It was just a stick that moved.  I ask a few people what sort of snakes I’d be likely to see near us and there were generally two options.  It was either a Brown Snake or a Copperhead. Thankfully Mr Google has assured me that a Copperhead was the better option of the two.  Even so, I’m still wearing my boots and gloves every time I go out in the garden from now on.