The fires in Victoria have been going, in various areas, for nearly four weeks now, but this past weekend it was slightly closer to home.

Fire map Feb8

The map shows all the fire events that were taking place on Sunday around Victoria.  It was deemed the worst day, weather-wise, since the fire event on February 7 2009 which will be forever known as Black Saturday.

We were not in any danger, but when the cool change came through, it pushed the smoke from the surrounding fires all around us.  It was quite surreal.  We had spent the day being whipped by northerly winds and, being on top of a hill, we really felt them all around us.  Then suddenly smoke was everywhere and visibility had dropped to only a couple of hundred metres and he smell was overpowering. We were still in no danger of the fires, and very glad of it too. I cannot even begin to imagine how those communities to our east and west were feeling. The ABC had switched to emergency broadcast mode, keeping everyone informed of the changing conditions.

As the day drew to a close, the colours from the sunset were bouncing around the haze and, to quote a cliché, it looked like a painting. We gathered at the fence to watch the sunset and just watched as the colours swirled and changed the lower down the sun went. We realised that the horses in the front paddock were watching too.

sunset feb9

Although houses have been lost and over 130,000 hectares have been burnt, there has been no loss of life. A big thanks to all the fire-fighters who have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks and will be rotated in and out of shifts for the weeks to come to ensure that we all stay safe.