It was a typical Melbourne day in November when my cousin got married. It’s Spring, right? Well, The rain started mid-morning and didn’t stop at all  throughout the day and it fell for most of the night (over 33mm for the day with flood warnings issued).  The day will certainly be memorable for more than just the gorgeous bride, the handsome groom and the beautiful flower girls!

Here’s the card that I made for the happy couple . . .

My favourite stamp on there is the three little birds.  Peter, Michelle and Meg are already a gorgeous little family unit and I loved that I could represent Dad, Mum and daughter on the card that way. All the stamps on the cards are from my “go-to” stamp set of the moment – “Clearly for You”, with “Parlour Prints”  for the background and the new postage stamp punch. And Purple. We all know that you can’t have enough purple (Elegant Eggplant and Wisteria Wonder here) and there’s never a point where you can say that there is too much ribbon. The Sticky Strip™ is certainly getting a workout holding this lot on!  I also made a horseshoe  ‘good luck charm’ for the bride (what are they called exactly? Does anyone know if they have a proper name? ) but, alas, I forgot to take a picture of it. Needless to say, lots of pearl beads, hearts and ivory ribbon.

Here is another project that I have used the “Clearly for You” stamp set on.  It’s (another) one of my new crafting obsessions – Shrink Plastic. It’s new to me, but I am sure it’s old hat to everyone else (I’m a little bit slow sometimes!)

Do you remember Shrinky Dinks® from way back when you were a much shorter person? And if you didn’t have the real thing, there was the alternative.  You could shrink chip packets in the oven and make such fun and colourful jewellery, key rings, bag tags, mobiles -anything  just to have an excuse to eat more salt and vinegar chips so that you could experiment some more! (Apparently it’s all the rage again – see here for a UK magazine article and “How To” make your own confectionery packet adornments)  Anyhoo, I digress.  I have bought some sheets of shrink plastic to play with and to make this bracelet all I needed to do was punch out some shapes then stamp-stampety-stamp away with Stazon Ink.  In this bracelet, the ink was a lovely green, but by the time it had been subjected to the wrath of my heat gun and it shrunk down by 40% it was looking much, much darker. I will be going much, much brighter next time.  And a tip for new players at home – anything that has been heated with a heat tool, so hot that it will shrink and shrivel and curl will be HOT. So if you think it’s smart to flatten out these little babies with your pinkies, it’s not. Okay? Learn from my slightly singed fingers – Use a wooden block!  This is a fun medium that can give a craft junkie some instant gratification.

More instant gratification soon,