It appears that I’ve been bitten by the Christmas bug, so bear with me whilst I get it out of my system.  Whilst trying to come up with ideas for the recent Inklings Christmas in July blog hop I was inspired by an an idea I saw at a “101 things to do with egg cartons”.

Egg Carton Fairy Lights

These fairy lights are LED, so emit no heat thus removing the risk of fire (I can hear the neighbourhood heaving a huge sigh of relief!). But I think that I will need to prick some holes in the shades to let a little more light out. Colour-wise my eggs conveniently come in pink and green cartons so make for pastel festive shades 🙂 It’s so quick and simple and gives off a lovely subtle light. I’ve used a battery powered string of lights that I got from Big W, so I can hang my lights anywhere 🙂  Go and raid the kids craft boxes and make some today – they only take a jiffy!

I am SO in the Christmas mood, so keep your eyes peeled for more ideas!