Don’t you hate it when you get a new tool and you can’t make it work for you the first time, even after you’ve seen a gazillion videos showing you how easy it is?  I was like that with the scallop corner punch.  Allover the interweb were these gorgeous layered cards, with beautifully punched background mats. Honestly, how hard could it be? Seemingly, for me, it would have been easier to attempt one of Peter Callesen‘s designs.  The videos I watched showed seemingly complex acrobatics to get it “just so”, and I just couldn’t.  Here’s the culprit – the corner scallop punch with its matching buddy the scallop trim border punch.

Punch a border then punch a lovely matching corner and, voila, you have your beautiful scalloped border. For some reason, I just could not get it *stoopid punch!* Down to the bottom of the punch drawer for you, you, you, you trouble maker! Not for long, I wouldn’t let it beat me. It’s just a punch for Pete’s sake, surely I can do this, it’s not rocket surgery! And, as expected, it was operator error. I now have a fool-proof way (well, for this fool anyway) of making a lovely scalloped square.  Okay, so the big tip for today . . .*drumroll please* start with a 9.5mm square. “Are you kidding me? ” I hear you say. Nope, that’s it.  Get your square and pop the first corner into your punch, like so.

I discovered that my problem (other than just grabbing random pieces of paper and expecting them to line up and make the perfect square) was that I was putting the card stock way too far into the punch. There is no real stopper on this baby to make you line it up correctly. That’s what the dotted lines are for and flipping the punch upside down allows me to see exactly  where to put my card stock (ETA – I have since discovered that not having a stopper allows this punch to do other wonderful things!). Okay, we’ve done all four corners, now it’s time to get the border punch out. Have the punch the right way up this time and line it up  . . .

It's like magic -they all line up!

And as if by magic, the punched corners line up with the silver template on the front of the punch.  Repeat three more times and – – – oh be still my beating heart, could it be . . . ?

A perfectly lovely scalloped border frame ready to go on a card. Just like this one I prepared earlier in Perfect Plum.

This post is probably far too long to show you how to punch a scallop-y square, but if I have helped one person, it was worth it 🙂 It’s only one size, so far, but it will do me fine till I master the rectangles and bigger squares for scrapbook pages.

Till next time,


PS – you can do cute wee  square starting with just a 2″ square of card stock and punching each corner, no need to worry about a border punch. Is there no end to this punching fun?