I tried to get a ‘whole project’ photograph to show you, but that wasn’t working.  When open, the album is nearly 60cm long! This is the right side of the album when open  – – and the left side is pretty much the same . . 😉Here it is closed . . .

All it needs now is some photographs, some journaling and a another butterfly or two (or three). I originally called this a bi-tri-shutter album as it is really two tri-fold cards combined to make an album.  But that really doesn’t work does it? It’s a bit cumbersome! So it will have to stay a trifold shutter album.  What’s a trifold card you ask? Here’s a video from Beate Johns that shows you how to make the cards. As well as the basics to make the card the video has loads of great tips for embellishing.

It’s making my little album look decidedly naked – – Off to add a few more bits and pieces! Enjoy!