Well, actually they’ve not just been changed.  They’ve been cancelled.  I’m sorry to have to let you know that I have cancelled my classes at the community centre 😦  I will still run Stamp-a-Stacks and workshops if people would like to book them, but I felt to have a better work/life/family balance I needed to do this. I will miss my regular visit with my Chelsea ladies, but I hope that we will still be able to catch up around the traps.

I was recently confined to quarters with the current round of the lurgy.  I’m working on the plan that if I get it early, I’ve got it out of the way for the Winter. That’s the plan anyway.  One of the things with colds is that although they won’t kill you, they make you feel so dreadful that you wish they would! Well this one didn’t kill me and I managed to get out the Big Shot and the hot glue gun and make a few goodies.

A big squishy felt flower. Since I took this I’ve plonked a big half pearl in the middle. MMMMMmmmm luscious! I love felt, it’s so tactile and wintery.  So I kept on going and made a couple of hair clips to match . . .

plus a super-dooper big flower for a birthday girl . ..

I hope she liked it!  It’s winging its way to the U.S as I type.  I’ve used the Sizzix Circles #2 die for this flower, a few gathering stitches, some hot glue, a big button and a brooch back. Voila! A big felty, flower! And before I’d totally melted my fingerprints off, I wanted to make another one for a special lady that loves yellow.

Pretty bright huh? The flower on the right has a jumbo brad as its centre and was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Just watch the hot glue gun. Funnily enough, they mean it when they say HOT. GLUE. GUN. So now I am fingerprint-free and have cut up all my felt, but am still house-bound and wondering what to do next. Hmmm, I’ve got a whole lot of purple buttons that I’ve been saving for a rainy day.

Looks like I’ve found my rainy day. And a plain black apron. Add some black thread plus a few stitches here and there and that’s kept me amused for a little longer.

I think it’s time for a nap now.

Till next time,