My name is Michelle and I hoard paper. It wasn’t until the recent floods* and some of my stash got decidedly soggy that I decided that I had to use it or lose it.

My problem is that the prettier the paper is, the more likely I am to not use it.   We know this crafting caper is all about the paper, but gosh darn it, I seem to have so much of it!  I’m like a squirrel, hiding it away for a paper winter.  So what’s a girl to do? “Stick it on stuff”, I hear you say.  Okay, that’s what I did. Do you want to see what I did?


A Kaiser desk organiser (now all I have to do is organise the desk)

I just love this (now retired and no longer available) paper and just wanted to see it in all its glory, so haven’t adorned this piece with anything other than the paper, I didn’t think it needed it.  But I may change my mind.  A whole lot of flowers have turned up in the clean up and they will need to have something done with them pretty quick smart. 🙂

Till next time, (with more hoarded items stuck on something 🙂 )


*When I say “flood” I don’t mean it in the way that Brisbane or country Victoria flooded, I just mean more water in the garage than I would have liked after a day of heavy rainfall.