Mother nature has delivered a severe blow to my northern neighbours in Queensland, one that I am sure everyone knows about by now.  These floods have devastated over three-quarters of Queensland and it’s something that is a “once-in-a-hundred-year” event, yet this is the second time in 37 years.  I’ve been watching the news this morning and it’s wonderful seeing all those that are able, lining up to be bused to areas to help those that are requiring assistance to empty out their homes of the debris that were their life up until earlier in the week.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, please donate to the Premier’s Flood appeal. Premier Bligh said that every penny from the fund would go to flood victims. “It will help rebuild homes, replace property, and set Queensland families back on their feet,” said Ms Bligh.  For those of us who aren’t nearby, this is the next best thing we can do to help.

Click here to donate to the Queensland Flood appeal

Stampin’ Up! have also just announced that they will also be helping the victims of the floods donating $2 AUD of the retail value of sales from any stamp set (with a retail value of $30 or more) sold in Australia and New Zealand from 15 January through 15 February to the State Emergency Services in Queensland.  This company has some seriously good karma!

Onto some stamping . . .

Now that the Christmas rush has died down, I’ve managed to get a few little bits and pieces made, but am still woefully behind on my planned projects! I finally got around to trying some faux silk and  I don’t know what took me so long.  I’d seen a very convoluted, time-consuming demonstration years ago and just dismissed the whole thing as a bad idea.  Projects that require drying time with me generally end up stuck on my elbow or covered in jumper fluff and dog hair. Needless to say, they go in the too hard basket pretty quickly.  BUT, recently I saw some instructions that were so easy that I couldn’t resist trying them out.  Now I am wondering why it took me so long. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

All you need to create your own faux silk is (1) a glue stick, (2) some really crumpled up tissue paper (the more ‘crumply’ the better) and (3) your stamped image.  Let’s begin! Apply (1) liberally to (3), smooth out (2) and adhere it to (3).  Trim the edges and then voilà! Silk at a fraction of the cost!  How easy was that?

I’ve got more show and tell later, see you soon!