So I’ve made a vase with the ornament punch. . .now what? Punch . .  punch. . . . punch . . . punch  . . .punch

Okay, I’ve been punching for a while now, what do I do with all my ornaments? *tippty-type-type *  Ahhh, I know! You have to love Google to answer all of life’s questions! What a gorgeous rose! Those clever inspirational ladies, why don’t I try one for myself.  Hmmmm, now let me see. Curl that bit,curl that bit a little more and that one not so much, then stick this bit here, foof that bit there and . . . .voila! A Rose garden before your very eyes!

Add a bit of bling and it shimmers . . .ooooh purdy! 

Why don’t you try to make one this weekend (it won’t take the whole weekend!).  I’m off for a crafting ‘retreat’ this weekend, and I’m hoping I will have loads of show and tell when I get back.  I hope you’ve got some roses to show me at the end of the weekend.

Till next week,