Actually, to be precise, it should be flowers from a punch. I love the Scallop punch, it’s just so versatile and not just for making nice little backgrounds for your circle punches like this:

I’ve used it twice in this easel card (see how the Circle Circus stamps fit perfectly) I also like to use the scallop punch to make flowers, and with a few snips here and another one there, you will quickly have a floral display to rival Chelsea.

 All the ‘daisy’ requires is that you snip out every second scallop.  Tip for young players: don’t cut all the way to the centre 🙂

This next one requires a little snipping, between every second scallop and again not cutting all the way to the centre.  To get the petals to curl up slightly I ‘encourage’ them with a bamboo BBQ skewer and use a 1.3cm punched out dot for the centre.

My chrysanthemum just needs a little bit of random and fabulous snipping through the top of the scallop. So easy and so effective.

So there you have it! A few scallops and you’ll have a florist’s shop full of blooms.

Till next time, happy stamping!