So you’ve got yourself a stamp positioner, and now you’ve forgotten how to use it.  You were shown once, it looked so easy and you wondered why you never had one before. So you dutifully ordered one and when you opened the box, you went “now. . why did I want this thinga-ma-jig again?”  Okay, here’s a reminder of what to do and how to do it. First things first, take your positioner (the black thingame) and your imaging sheet (the clear-ish plastic bit) ~ just like these ones:

Now we will (for the sake of this exercise) assume that you are wanting to align some lettering for a project. First things first, butt the plastic imaging sheet into the corner of the positioner, like so:

The positioner can be used either way for left or right-handers or even upside down.  As long as the corner of the imaging sheet is snug in the corner of the positioner, and you use it the same way throughout the process, you are well on your way. Next, you ink up your stamp and push the block into the corner of the positioner, nice and sqaure, and stamp onto your imaging sheet.

You will end up with your image on the imaging sheet, ready to align with (in my case) your other text.

Lay the imaging sheet over your paper, lining it up where you want it to go.

Are you still with me? Good, let’s move on 🙂 You’ve lined up your imaging sheet with the other image on the paper, now line up the positioner nice and square, just how it was before. Remove the imaging sheet, but not the positioner, reink your stamp and line it up in the corner of the positioner like we did before. And stamp. Just like that.

And there you have it.  Just like that.

And repeat for the remainder of your title.

See how easy that was? Aren’t you glad you asked? You can also use your positioner to perfectly align the greeting on the card you’ve just painstakingly made (don’t you just hate it when a crooked greeting ruins all your hard work?)

Remember the little Bluebird from the other day? It was the stampamajig that got him perched on the branch and singing his song, just so, and positioned a big brother standing next to his new baby sister.

I hope you found this helpful! Till next time,