Well, it is itty and it is bitty and it’s very cute, not to mention that it’s quick to make. 

All you need are two Scallop envelopes with the handle and the hearts made using the scraps from theenvelope cut outs.  I can see these as cute little party favours or perhaps a gift card holder at Christmas time hanging off the tree.

I’m off to the Craft & Quilt Fair today with my mum.  We love it and we go every year, for at least one day of the Fair. There has been a few years that we have spent one day just looking at everything and the second day going to all the classes that we checked out the day before.  We will have to make do with just the one day this year.  There are heaps of classes that I want to do, loads of demonstrations I want to see and a heaps of new ideas that I just have to check out.  So much to see, so little time!  I hope you get a chance to go and get inspired too.