I love a flamingo or two, like these ones.  Look at their wonderfully long legs!
 I was blog surfing and found the wonderful site” Blinkin’, Thinkin’ and Inkin” and was inspired by Ellen Kemper’s post titled  ‘Pink Leggo’ to make a flamingo like this one:

Vegas Flamingo


 And when I think of flamingoes, I think of Las Vegas so I had to bling up the wing.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  There was only one punch used for this little beauty, and it was the 2-step bird punch. Look ma, it makes big birds too!  


 Did you  know that adult flamingoes range in colour  from light pink to bright red?  This is  due to aqueous bacteria and beta carotene obtained from their food supply. A well-fed, healthy flamingo is more vibrantly coloured and thus a more desirable mate. So how about our Vegas girls’ mate?  I wonder what he’s been eating? 


If that isn’t the perfect excuse to go through your collection of scrap pink cardstock, I don’t know what is! I’ve used Rich Razzleberry on the left, and Pixie Pink on the right.  “Eastern Blooms” is providing the foliage for lunch.  So have you made a flamingo yet? I’d love to see yours – make one and send me a link!