I have recently been given a blogging award from my fellow stampin’ sisters, the gorgeous Tina Dickman

 I’m not quite sure what I did to get this award ~ if it was a slack blogger award, I know that I would certainly deserve that! Now the ‘rules’ that apply when you recieve one of these awards are that you have to pass it on and also divulge 5 facts about yourself. As these awards have been passed around a bit recently, and most of the people I would like to award it to have already been awarded, I will just give you links to blogs I like to visit that inspire me (maybe that will distract you from the ‘fact’s that I will be listing aren’t that interesting 🙂 ).

Please go and visit the following creative spaces for some inspiration and give them some comment love to let them know you’ve visited!

Tina, of course!

Dani Fender

Kari Hughes


Claire Daly

Andrea Walford

Knicky Knacks

Leonie Schroder

Now for some facts about me, I think that it was required that I give you five. 

  1. I have had a fascination for Ancient Egypt since I was about 12.
  2. I strongly believe that there is no such thing as too much purple 🙂
  3. Wonder Woman is my favourite Superhero (who wouldn’t love an invisible plane?)
  4. Nothing beats a well made Margarita
  5. I still remember the excitement of getting my first bike (a purple Malvern Star Dragster)

It didn’t specify that they had to be interesting, just facts :). Normal trasmission will resume shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for a Vegas inspired flamingo (that’s got your interest hasn’t it? 😉 ).