Have you ever visited Andrea Walford’s site? She just has a gazillion things there to inspire you, and when I was there the other day I spotted this little lady and was immediately smitten. How wonderful of Andrea and Sophia to put up a free tutorial! I just had to make her right there and then. I love sunflowers and she reminds me of the Debbie Mumm patchwork fabrics that my mother loves and has included in many a quilt (including ones for me).  Here’s my attempt at Andrea’s Sunflower Fairy in my favourite colours. I have made her standing, rather than sitting as in Andrea’s example, as it shows off her cute chubby knees! 

I think that she is a bit like me ~ wings slightly bent from bumping into things, a whole lot of glitter in her hair, a little bit rounded in the middle and holding her hands behind her back so that she doesn’t accidentally knock something over! I’ve popped her on the end of a long piece of Pumpkin Pie cardstock, with a little bit of the end stuck to the top of my bookcase so that she can float above my workspace ( more precisely, right in front of the glitter boxes, which is where all good fairies should live, don’t you think?) Andrea’s site has loads of inspirational ideas, enough to keep you crafting all weekend long.  Pity it’s only Tuesday! My “A-HA!” book is full of things that will have to wait till next weekend to get done, but then again, it’s always full of great ideas and projects “to do”, haven’t we all got one of those?

I better scoot, but before I go, I wanted to remind you that it’s Christmas (in July) this Thursday, I hope you can hop along and see us all. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .tum-tiddly-tumtumtum…”

Till next time,