Well, remove adhesive is one. I know you’re not surprised to hear that, but there are loads of places where you get sticky stuff that you’ll want to use this little beauty to get the gunk off.     

I love my Xyron sticker maker, but I’m always left with a little halo of  ‘Xyron gunk’ that can really ruin a project if I don’t get it off (excess jumper fluff, anyone?) . This is where the eraser comes in handy. It’s made by Xyron for this exact purpose, but it also  erases Stampin’ Up! SNAIL Adhesive if you’ve managed to get some SNAIL where you don’t want it plus excess glue from your glue stick –and who doesn’t do that from time to time?  The eraser is also great for cleaning your scissors from gunk build-up from cutting double-sided tape or for  cutting rubber stamps, especially cutting rubber that has been mounted.   I’ve also used my adhesive remover for cleaning my acrylic blocks that have got a bit goo-ey from other unmounted stamps that require on-off glue. I’ve found that the eraser has been very handy when it comes to getting excess glitter off stamps and ink pads too! 

Look at these clean scissors!

If you’ve ever had problems stamping with solid stamps that are new (i.e. stamps that have lots of flat rubber areas as opposed to fine lines), try ‘cleaning’ your stamp with the Adhesive Eraser – it removes any residue left from the rubber stamp making process.  This is a great idea for those who are a bit wary of using fine sandpaper on stamps. Of course this also works for any ‘photo’ stamps that you might have. (Marelle Taylor has a great tutorial on how to get good, clean images from your solid stamps. Check out her tutorial here)  

I also use the adhesive remover to remove any gunk build up on my remove-the-bits-that-you-didn’t-mean-to-stick-down-stick.     

Before - See all that gunk?

After - Look! Just like a new one!

You’ve probably noticed that the cleaner is now all gunked up with all the goo it’s cleaned off everything. All you need to do is snip the goo off with your scissors! 


In terms of looking after your equipment, this will be the best $3.75 you’ll ever spend (don’t forget to include it with your next Stampin’ Up! order!).  

Until next time, happy creating (or cleaning)!