I, somewhat reluctantly, bought the Stampin Up!  butterfly punch when it came out in the Summer Mini Catalogue.  I initially thought that it would be retired at the end of the catalogue (Wrong! It’s on the carry over list YAY! ) and that I would be very limited with what I could do with it. Surely it can only punch out butterflies, right? Wrong! Lookie here what I did! I made Pansies!

I found this wonderful tutorial by Dawn Olchefske, here, that inspired me to try these pansies. I was quite taken with the result and even more surprised with how easy they really were, they were addictive and it was hard to stop at 20 flowers at a sensible number of flowers!  These got the glitter treatment, but I still have a great big box of flowers-to-be that I can experiment on to find out what level of sparkle is too much, if there is such a thing as too much. The only difference in my flowers to the ones in Dawn’s tutorial is that I didn’t use the Shimmer White cardstock, so it sucked up a lot of water very quickly, rather than pooling on the cardstock. You have to be very generous and ‘squeezy’ with the Aquapainter a little careful as they ‘petals’ are very delicate when they are so wet.  Once they were almost dried off,  I  stored the butterflies in an egg carton, which has helped keep the curl in the petals.  I have made this up into a card for a relative who has failing eyesight as I thought that it would be nice and tactile for her.  I’m a strong believer in lumpy, bumpy cards ~ the recipient can then feel the love!

I previously mentioned a box of flowers-to-be, well that’s because I’ve gone a little flower mad lately and have been trying out all sorts of punched out flowers.  Here’s the proof:


As you can see there are a few different kinds of flowers in there, all of which we will be doing at my Community Centre Classes over the next few weeks. Check out my “Class Dates” page if you’re interested in joining in one Sunday afternoon.

I’m sorry it’s been so long between posts, life has kind of taken over lately so the blog was pushed to the side as was ‘creating time’.  Thank you for coming back for a look & I promise to have some more bits and pieces to post over the next few days, so please stay tuned 🙂

Until next time, may your fingers be inky!