Here’s a very, very cute ornament that I have become addicted to . .well, addicted to making.

How cute are these? No need to answer as I think that they are SO cute and won’t hear a word against them. Can’t you just see a tree decked out with these?  Each wreath starts with 8 rectangles and after a bit of nifty folding you have an ornament. No adhesive at all!  I found the instructions on the internet an age ago, printed them out, put them in a safe place and now that I have just tried to Google them so that I conveniently link to them, I can’t find it for love nor money.  I will keep hunting and as soon as I find it again, I will update this and link to it (yes, I know, that’s what bookmarks are for!).  If I can’t, I promise I will do a tutorial for it. But don’t hold your breath, you may have the instruction in time for next Christmas, Okay? Here’s one hanging around in my garden, just waiting for the tree to go up . .  . .

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I better skedaddle and get some Christmas cards written and off in the post.

Till next time,