No, not one of those up there. . . . One of these . . . .

I’ve punched this out from some of the DSP from the “I Wish” scrappin’ kit . .*sigh* such lovely papers! Anyway, back to the scallop flower.  So you can see here that I have punched and sponged it . .so far, not a flower. Okay next step, lets snip between every second scallop . .

So just in case you’re not sure how to snip – there’s a picture up there.  Now don’t snip right to the centre, that just wouldn’t make a flower!

Now for the next step, you take a mouse mat, or the squishy mat from your SU ‘Mat Pack’ (or in my case here a handful of folded paper towel – the previous two options were not close to hand when I was taking the pictures . .sorry) and also a tool with a round end . . . in this case it’s my White Gel Pen.  There is a paper tole tool that if you have one would be perfect.  But I didn’t have one here, needless to say the pen worked just fine 🙂 So you ‘rub’ the petals out from the centre and then ‘swirl’ the pen around, till it all starts to ‘raise’ (like a sunflower looking towards the sun).

Next you flip it over and press the middle of it down . .

 (note to self, moisturise hands more often!)

Now all we need to do is pop a small circle in the centre, and voilà, we have a flower . .  Notice the difference between the snipped & smooshed one and the not-snipped-&-smooshed one? It adds a little bit more oomph to your flowers, don’t you think?

I then used this flower on a book mark that was part of a card. . . more about that later . . .

Till next time,


PS – Only 18 more sleeps . . !