Okay – I promised a tutorial to show you this quick knot. The thing I love about it is that no adhesive is required and it looks so neat on the inside that you don’t feel that you have to cover it up. So this is the ‘after’ shot.  Pretty cute huh?

To start, you will need your bland project that needs some brightening up – just like this one I have here (it’s a CD box)

and a length of ribbon that will wrap around your project with “some” (about 10-ish cm) spare to tie the knot

Punch a hole where you would like your knot located (a cropodile will only give you limited reach ~ use an anywhere punch to get a hole in the middle of your card)

Wrap the ribbon around the front of your card and then bring the ribbon through the hole. This is the first end going  through, do the same with the other end

Pull one end either side of the ribbon and then tie your knot over the main piece of ribbon. Okay – so how easy was that?

 And here’s how it looks on the back side of the card ~

Pretty neat huh? So why don’t you give it a try . . go on . . . .

 Here’s a couple of videos to give you some knot and bow tying know-how.


(Stamper dog is a favourite of mine – it’s nice to see other dogs like to ‘help’ their humans craft too!)

Till next time ~