Well today it’s “A place for everything and everything in its place”.  With my great new desk (it’s  just fantastic and I love it to bits, have I mentioned that?), I am still finding ‘just the right’ place for everything and still trying to find a lot of other things that have been put in  “a safe place” . My special (just-too-cute) stamping buddy has found her place –

Roxy, the incredibly cute Foxy!

Roxy, the incredibly cute Foxy!

Yes, that’s where she has to sit (that’s my knees in grey).  Not in the comfy little bed I have provided, but right at my feet. Actually, right under them is more precise. Thankfully all that stuff that you can see at my feet now has another home and there is more room under there for her to curl up and have a sleep, if she would just rest a minute.  She’s lovely company, but if I make the slightest move she needs to get up and do some serious investigationing (thanks Ryan Shelton for introducing us to that word into our household!) just to make sure all is okay and that I am coming back – even if it’s only 3 steps to the other side of the room!  Once I’m back in my seat she can settle back down again.  Sometimes, if she is sleeping I won’t even get up as I don’t want to disturb her, and whatever the particular project is I am working on will just have to do without that bit of bling or ribbon for the time being!

Part of my getting organised is my “A-Ha!” book. A little book that I can put all those scraps and clipping of images that spark that “A-ha! ~ I love that colour combo, I must remember that!” moment.

It’s a cheapy journal book from the $2 shop and I’ve put a ‘polished stone’ cover on it to tart it up a bit and then added category tabs ~ Male / Female / Kids / Layouts / Holidays so that I can find my moments of inspiration or go looking for a particular theme. I usually find these colour combos in the junk mail linen catalogues!  They seem to  all the up-to-the-minute colours and I find my self  looking at them going “uh-huh, okay then, Real Red, Brilliant Blue and Bashful Blue, hmmmm in stars.. yesssssiree I like that a lot”. I usually clip them out and keep them all scrunched up in my purse, but no more! I have my book!

That’s it for today – till next time,