I didn’t post anything on “Too Cute Tuesday”  this week as I didn’t think it was fair (nor ‘cute’) when there was a wee pup that had been treated so badly.  If you’re not from Victoria, you may not have heard of Buckley.  He is a 8-week old pup that had been mutilated by his owner.  His ears and tail were severed, can you believe it?  He has undergone surgery to have his ears repaired and the exposed cartilage from his tail trimmed so that it’s all nice and neat and less likely to become infected.


Buckley after surgery, looking a lot neater but a little groggy!

If you would like to know more about Buckley, have a look here at the on line story from the Lost Dogs Home.  Thankfully the previous owner of Buckley has been arrested and his treatment of this little pup is being investigated.

I hope you have a great weekend – don’t forget to love your pets!