After the news from Pamplona this weekend just gone, I thought this was quite apt ~


’nuff said.

Onto some cards n’ stuff. I mentioned that I had been making some cards for upcoming classes, so I better make good on my promise of some show n’ tell otherwise you will think that I am slacking off by just posting other peoples fun. Okay then, my first bit of fun was making my bling tin.

tin for bling

tin for bling

Don’tcha just hate it when you think that you’ve had an original(ish) idea and then when you’re just casually surfing the web you see that not only has someone else had it before you, they had it much more stylishly  *sigh* (hi Marelle!).  Anyhoo, before I knew I wasn’t being original, I went on my merry way and embossed my new ‘bling tin’ by first stamping the Wild West Alphabet set & Eastern Blooms  on the tin with Versamark ink and then, just to tart it up a bit, I used gold embossing powder.  I figured if it was going to house all my sparkles it would need to sparkle on the outside too! Lessons learned today ~ Lesson 1) use Embossing Buddy very liberally so that EP doesn’t stick everywhere. Lesson 2) Tin stays a lot hotter than paper for a lot longer after using the heat tool 😳 Lesson 3) Clear desk before taking photos that show the whole wide world how messy you really are (well, the couple dozen of you that I know read regularly!).

Okay, get your sunnies ready 8), the next card will be bright!  One of the cards my class will be doing next term at Chelsea Heights Community Centre will be a tri-fold card (not sure why it has that name,  it has 4 folds but I suppose as 2 of them make triangles we should  go with that ~ ok?) So here’s what will be perched on the front ~

Yes a wee blue bird – tweet! He’s a  chubby wee lad from the On Board So Tweet accents that I have covered in Versamark  ink, then Heat & Stick powder .  Once I heated it with the trusty heat tool (so it went ‘stick’), I dumped it into my blue Supanova glitter so that it was super covered, then one more blast with the heat tool and voila! One very blue, very sparkly bird (I just love, love, love that glitter) .

And here he is tarted up and stuck on my trifold card ~

Bright huh? And the triangles?, I hear you ask (you didn’t? – oh well, here they come anyway) They are the part folding under the bird ~ see..? 

And I have honoured our left-handed friends today by making the ribbon tie up and the card open on the left rather than the boring old right hand side.  That’s what everyone does.

See you tomorrow with some more show and tell (no sunglasses required).