I love water colouring with the Stampin Up! crayons – they are sooo silky smooth & just quietly, I have gone a little mad lately (yeah, I know, what do I mean lately? pfft!)

This is a close up of a card I made for my dear Aunty Jill’s birthday last weekend using Fifth Avenue Floral, embossed in white detail powder then I used my watercolour crayons to colour it in (I used my markers for the stamens) and the crimpalicious crimper to make the leaves – I’ve adapted the side step card that I did last week, and just not put in the ‘uppy’ bit.  Here’s another view..

..in all it’s glory.  I bought a bag of wooden lady bugs yonks ago and they have been in a ‘safe’ place (admit it, you have one too ~you just don’t know where it is! Just like me).  When I was looking for something else (probably some dimensionals) for this card, these little bugs popped out.  I knew that I had to put one on the card.  Today was their day! Can you believe that they have scurried back to their safe place and I have no idea where they have gone.  I shall have to keep looking for something else!

More flowers tomorrow to show you (eek! -it’s 5 minutes until tomorrow!) ‘night!