I know that winter has only just begun, but I’m closing my eyes and pretending it isn’t happening, so a spring themed TCT.

Has this happened to you in the springtime?  Our little dog was given the title “The Digging-est Dog” when she was a pup – thank goodness she’s grown out of it.  But there was a couple of years there where nothing in a pot or with a flower bobbing up was safe.  Neither, it appears, are these ones! Oh dear those poor daffodils!

cute pictures of puppies with captions


PS – if your dog does dig up the daff. bulbs, be careful, they can be poisonous! Take him to the vet ~ pronto!

PPS – This was scheduled to publish on Tuesday – but it didn’t *shrug*  – But I still wanted to share! I hope you’re having a great weekend and a fabbo long weekend for Lizzies birthday!