The day for those of us not-so-religious types to have (loads) of chocolate for breakfast and no-one bats an eyelid. Mind you, I can justify chocolate at any time of the day, any day of the year!  The Easter bunny has been hippity-hopping around our place and here’s a couple of bits he delivered . Looks like the Easter Bunny has some of the new In Colours too! This little ‘Pink Pirouette’ basket has been stamped with ‘Red Riding Hood’ flowers from the Good Friend set in the new catalogue and filled with crimped and shredded PP & RRH cardstock to look like ‘grass’. I wonder if EB has a number for Jim’s Mowing – – it looks like the ‘Easter grass’ has got a little out of control there!

I have been playing with the mini-pizza boxes and thought that they would be groovy little boxes for Easter eggs too (I seem to be fresh out of mini pizzas!).  There is a great rooster in the new catalogue (he’s part of a hostess set) and I just love him! I’ve made him the guardian of all the eggs of this box ~

And as mini – pizza boxes are my new ‘thing’  (once you’ve made one, you’ll have to make 10, that’s the rules…) I made another Spring-ish/Easter themed (sort of) one.  I ‘discovered’ a new way to dye my ‘little’ pretties flower.  I wanted a really, really deep colouring and was getting frustrated that ‘painting’ the colour on didn’t seem to give me enough depth. Sooooooooo… I put the wee flower inside my SU stamp pad and closed it up and squished the lid down on the ink pad like I would to get some colour for water colouring on the lid.  Voila! An extremely Pacific-ly Point-y blue flower. It needed to be dried with the heat gun before I could use it ~ but that’s a good thing to do with any flowers that you have dyed – trust me! (hindsight is a wonderful thing!) 

 See how BLUE it is. It’s just pure colour in that little flower. A bit of ribbon and a little bit of scalloping on the belly band and there it is ~ a cute litte box of eggs (no comments about the lesser quantity of eggs between the first and second photos please.  Nobody saw anything, so you can’t prove a thing).

.Wishing you all a happy Chocolate Sunday – or should that be Sundae? 🙂