I saw this post at Yvonne’s Campbell’s site and laughed (quick go have a look, I’ll wait), then I looked at my own little note book full of ‘wish list’ notes and my new SU catalogue and thought “Hey, that’s not soooo bad..” I’ve got this whole ‘addiction’ under control – I don’t have to have everything . . See?  There’s only a few tags there….

tagged catalogue

Then I realised that I had tagged just the pages that had something that I wanted, not each individual item (well, more often than not I want everything on the page anyway) and I then tagged the whole chapter with the new printed papers , the glitters, the sticky cuts, well, yes all of the new accessories (it was easier that way as I’d run out of post it notes by then..)  Sheesh, I sound like Veruca Salt don’t I?  So would you if you had the new catalogue! 🙂

Soooooo, how long is your wish list?