It was a friend’s birthday on the weekend and I was put in charge of ‘looking after the cake’.  After getting such a lovely, personal cake for my own birthday, I thought I would try my hand at cake decorating.  A brief look at a book with some lovely pictures was all I need to inspire me to do something more than just slathering on some chocolate frosting.  The evening had a Mexican theme and the birthday boy sings in a blues band that does great Rolling Stones covers…. I hope that explains the “motivation” for the decoration adequately!  I had thought that I did a fair representation of  a chili pepper in a Sombrero, but most people took it to be the Rolling Stones  ‘tongue’.  As long as they could see that it was something singing, I was happy.

It was a very chocolate mud cake, and after being sliced and diced, all was eaten!  The only part of the decoration I didn’t make was the lettering.  After several attempts, I decided that the grief it was causing was not worth it when there was a perfectly good set of lettering sitting on the shelf at the supermarket! Perhaps I shall take a class before I go off and decorate another cake and then I may have some idea of what I am doing and what I have got myself into!  I want to try and incorporate some stamping in the decorating, so there may be more cake updates in the future!

Till next time (where I will show off some new catalogue goodies that I have been playing with),