Mum & I earlier this year

I hope you have a lovely day today mum! Although not with you in reality, I was with you in spirit all day and  I hope you got some of that lovely rain and the tanks are all full and ready for the summer for you. 

Here are some big hugs for you on your birthday ~


I managed to take a photo before I sent the card off, so will quickly share it here – My ‘Garden Whimsy’ Butterfly with Bling ~

Here’s the card & matching envelope – I have just got a crimper and if I have some cardstock to add to my latest creation and it’s not nailed down, it’s getting crimped before it’s stuck on a card!

Look at that sparkle! You really can’t beat the Dazzling Diamonds for their razzle dazzle (and their stick-in-your-hair-ability.. Isn’t that right Jenni?)  I shall have full details of what I used for this card on my website soonish.. It will be on the “I just like to make stuff” page.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend