Just a slightly different Christmas Carol.  I haven’t got the traditional tree up yet, so the Tahitian Lime had to act as the Festive tree on this gorgeous sunny day.  Didn’t she do a fine job? (Yes, it’s a she and she has a name ~ ‘Maddy’, surely you name your beloved plants?)

How gorgeous are these?  The template was in (I think) Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine.  I apologise, I can’t remember if it’s a recent one or one from some Christmases ago.  I tend to have a backlog of magazines lying around to help me out when inspiration goes MIA.  I have conveniently made templates and not kept a record of when/where I got them.  A lot of magazines have Christmas-y shapes popping up, so I am sure you will be able to find something very close by!  All you need to do is photocopy the shape & then reduce it a little bit for the ‘insert’ piece of co-ordinating paper.  If you’ve got a keen eye you can probably cut it free-hand.  I’ve used Stampin’ Up Real Red card stock and “Dashing” double sided scrapping paper for the centre sections. Easy-peasy!

More stuff for show and tell really soon – I’ve been busy!