A little ray of sunshine has come into the world ~ a little ray of sunshine, in the shape of a girl….. So to welcome Amelie, I had to make her a card…. A little grow-suit!

I took this picture with my phone and I think that the colours have lost something in the translation.  The tutorial for this can be found here if you’re interested in doing one yourself.  They’re great fun.  I used Pink Passion card stock and then versamark ink on the Scribble wheel so that I could emboss it with a lavender embossing powder (not sure of the brand – I’ve had it for yonks).  I also embossed a flower from the ‘Scribble This’ set on whisper white with the lavender powder.  I also had to make a card for little Ethan to congratulate him on becoming a big brother. It’s a little gift card using the All in the Family stamp set.

The colours seem to have gone *splang* in the translation from phone to screen – I really did put that baby in pink..really I did!

I made a gazillion lolly bags today – -well perhaps not that many.. how about 50… yeah, that sounds more like it.  First I started with some Jellies…..

then added some Pink & White M&M’s

Then some pinker than pink musk sticks

How about a few jubes???  mmmmm juuuuuubes….

Then a strawberries and creamy swirly thing to finish it off..

Then pop them all in a decorated bag….

& pop on a topper or two…… 


Voila! You have your lolly bags. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  This is only a few, imagine another 50 or so of them and you have the idea!  I just love the bright colours of these, you can tell they are just waiting for a party to happen! I stamped the bags with white Staz On and the toppers with white Craft Ink – which you can’t really see in the picture: (  The bands on the top are just selections of coloured paper with various bold brights scallop-punched out and the “Thank you” is from the Sweet Sayings set (watch out for a special on that set next month..ssshhhh!  you didn’t hear it from me!)

My new banner is actually Beach Road in St Kilda – it’s the way I come home from work each day and that is the view just near St Kilda Junction.  If you’re going to be stuck in traffic, you couldn’t ask for a better view. I’m so excited that the days are getting longer and it’s light when I leave work! I’m sure the other drivers thought I was a little nuts sticking my phone out the window of the car and taking pictures while sitting in traffic!  Oh well, they haven’t locked me up yet, so it’s not all bad!

Well, it’s nearly Monday, I better scoot and get some shut-eye ~ have a good week.