Not a lot of stamping was done on the weekend ~ I was busy rally driving! If you’ve never tried it before, I highly recommend it!  It was held in the lovely rust-red earth of Western Districts with wonderfully patient, happy, experienced rally drivers.  I think that I will have to go back and do it again.  It would be a slightly more expensive hobby than stamping, just a little bit!  If it’s something that you think that you may want to try, have a look at the website at

Here are a few pictures that show the fun that I had – I still haven’t wiped the silly grin off my face!


Once I had got into my go-faster red racing pyjamas, put helmet on, then squeezed and strapped into the race seat, I was ready to go…

I found the ‘loud’ pedal on the right and we were off! The track was set out along the speedway track and the aim was to get around the cones without knocking them over and to not get the car too sideways and drfiting off into the concrete wall (having a concrete wall at the side of the track is enough incentive for me to not get too excited about keeping the pedal to the metal all the way around!).

Let me back in! I want to go around again! The experience was priceless!

To keep with the Priceless theme, here are a couple of cards that I have made using the ‘Priceless’ stamp set with a bit of masking to help the butterflies really ‘fly’.  I’ve used Perfect Plum, Soft Sage,  and Almost Amythyst Inks.  Very simple, quick and easy.  All supplies are Stampin’ Up! and can be purchased through me.

 No rallying this weekend, but there will be stamping with Fleur.  I will show and tell next post. Thanks for looking today and I hope you have a great weekend.