Actually, I don’t have a little girl per se, just one of the fluffy-trousered kind.  It was her birthday yesterday ~ she was 21 (in dog years).  She’s our Little Miss Manic and we love her.  She has become (our old boy) Brutus’ best mate and pesonal exerciser. Where she goes, he goes ~ where he goes, she goes.

This is the little poppet that came into our lives in 2005.


(I didn’t even realise she was wetting the rug till I took the photo!~ I thought she was posing for the camera that had been pointed at her constantly since the day she arrived!)

And here, as she is today and always, glued to her favourite boy.  Hasn’t she grown up? These two are great mates and wonderful company for us and each other. I can’t imagine life without a dog in the house. As Charles M Shultz says “Happiness is a warm puppy”.

Now, off puppy talk (I could go on, but I won’t) to tell you about the book that I made the other day.  I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a sort of ‘starburst’ accordian book.  I’m sure it has a proper name, and if you know it, please tell me (but I do like Starbust for a name, it kind of suits it!). I’ve used all Stampin’ Up products, with papers from Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Range that coordinate perfectly with their cardstock, and white grosgrain ribbon to literally tie it all together. So, without further ado, here’s the Starburst Accordian book, Michelle style! 



All I need to do to finish it off is put some pictures in the Old Olive squares – perhaps I need to make it a brag book with pictures of my pooches!  I think that these are my new favourite, and I will be making quite a few more. I think that they would make great gifts, especially for new nannas.  Why not organise a workshop with some friends and I can come and show you how to make one! Contact me today to book a date!